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    [c@m-announcements] Please submit motions for AGM

    Message  Admin le Lun 6 Jan 2014 - 17:22

    Now is the time to submit member motions for the Annual General Meeting.

    According to the Membership Handbook, AGM Motions may:
     * call for a change, deletion, or addition to the Constitution or Bylaws documents;
     * call for the empowerment of National Council on an issue;
     * call for a reversal of a decision made at a previous AGM.

    Here is how the process will work:
    - From January 6 to February 3 send your motions to . Please ensure that your message has the subject line "AGM Motion".

    - On February 4, I will send each motion to Each motion will need to be seconded at this time to allow it to be entered for discussion. A motion should not be discussed until it has been seconded. After a member has seconded the motion, discussion may commence. Friendly amendments are allowed at this time (ie: the original submitter may choose to amend their motion. The full text of the amended motion should be submitted at this time).

    - Discussion may continue up until the week of CAiNE, however the cut-off date for amendments will be March 6th, to ensure that accurate documentation can be prepared for the AGM.

    - Discussion may happen in any forum available to members (email list, facebook, in person), however only motions presented (and seconded) on, and amendments made there will be considered to be official. Discussion in other places is informational and informal.

    - At the AGM, more discussion may occur, if needed, and ballots will be provided to allow voting. If you cannot attend, you are encouraged to proxy your vote to an attending member. [A note on Proxies: if you proxy your vote to another member, you do not dictate how that member will vote on the issues. You have simply passed your vote to that member. It would be wise to carefully discuss the motions with the member you are considering giving your proxy to].

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

    ~ Hil

    Hilary Wilson
    Interim National Resource Coordinator CaM

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